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World's 2005 Best Cities - Europe

Prague has been voted the 4th best city in Europe for year 2005 by readers of the American travel magazine Travel & Leisure.

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Prague 2006 Conventions, Trade Fairs & Exhibitions in Prague's Fair Venues

November 2006: EORTC-NCI-AACR, CLEANTEC 2006

Prague 2007 Conventions, Conferences, Trade Fairs & Exhibitions in Prague Congress Centre, Prague Exhibition Grounds and Prague Trade Fair Area Letnany

April 2006:
May 2006:
June 2006:
July 2006:
August 2006:
September 2006: For Arch 2007

7th Summer Festivities of Early Music IMF Prague 2006 (July 18th - August 6th)
Sculpture Grande 2006 - 4th International Large-Scale Sculpture Festival (July 19th - October 30th)
Astronomy 2006 Prague - 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (August 14th - 25th)

Prague International Marathon 2007 - PIM 2007

History of PIM

"We wanted to create a traditional city marathon on the same level as those in New York, Berlin, or London. In addition to the full marathon, we wanted to promote a healthy, active life-style among a broader spectrum of people; it was for them that we prepared the non-competitive nine-kilometer and five-kilometer races." - Carlo Capalbo, President of PIM

Since its inception in 1995, Prague International Marathon has been on a fast track to International acclaim. At the time of its conception, even Capalbo did not realize how great an appeal or large an audience the marathon would have on that first race day or in subsequent years. One thousand five hundred people ran like a huge river through the Czech capital in June 1995 & in 2005 over 4500 people ran the marathon while another 14000 ran in the non-competitive runs.   ..:. more about PIM history :.

PIM 2007 Running Circuit

March 24th, 2007 Hervis Prague Half Marathon
Hervis Prague Half Marathon (21.0975 km), Hervis Corporate Half Marathon (21.0975 km)

May 12th-13th, 2007 Prague International Marathon Weekend 2007
May 12th Walk for Health (2 km), Golf Plus Family Run (4 km), Caddy City Run (8 km), Algida In-line Race
May 13th Prague International Marathon: Volkswagen Prague Marathon (42.195 km)

September 8th, 2007 Grand Prix
Adidas Women's Race (5 km), Metro Men's Race (10 km), Barmen's Race

Marathon Music Festival 2007

"The narrow streets in the first two miles enforce a leisurely early pace, and the violinists on the Charles Bridge are the first live musicians along the way. After that, jazz, funk, samba, reggae and classical music groups help the runners as the miles begin to take their toll." - George A. Hirsch, Publisher, Runner's World USA

"When you think your knees are going to give out and you want to give up, they (musicians) are there to give you another push. Just great, really." - Dieter, a German runner

The Marathon Music Festival has become an integral part of each PIM Running Circuit event since 1999, combining the sport activity with culture. It creates an enjoyable atmosphere and a party-like mood on the course for the runners and spectators. It's fun, it's free, it's unique! Each year the Marathon Music Festival creates an unforgettable mix of music styles - everything from classic to rock, jazz to samba, concerts & dancing shows, contests & fantastic performances. Come see and enjoy! We look forward to seeing you!   ..:. more about marathon music festival :.

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